Sam Lyons is an award winning young songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who has released his seventh CD of original material. Sam has created a unique contemporary sound that is a blend of Pop, R&B and Country that produces "powerful songs full of visceral grooves and pop hooks that stick.” Sam's newest release, "The Detroit Sessions" features 8 new songs and was produced with Nick Trevisick and Marshall Block at Reel2Reel Studios outside of Detroit. One of Sam's other recent EP's, "Let's Go" is a collaboration with Oscar winning, Grammy nominated producer/musician Leo Sidran.

Also ** Sam's recent collaboration with Electronic Duo from Paris, France "BASTION" - is now charting on the Spotify Europe and United States Viral 50!:  All of Sam's music is available on iTunes , Spotify and TIDAL.

What's New

Sam Releases New Album "The Detroit Sessions" 

After 2 years of back and forth negotiations, "The Detroit Sessions" is finally out. Sam first travelled to Reel ll Reel Studios outside of Detroit in 2016 to work with Nick Trevisick and Marshall Block. Three trips to Michigan later and the CD is finally out. Eight new pop songs with some slick high end production. It's available now on Spotify, iTunes and Distrokid. Big thanks to Nick, Marshall, Reane and of course Paul for all of your help.

Sam to Perform at DARK SONGS 2018 

Sam has agreed to perform at DARK SONGS 2018 in Sturgeon Bay, WI. The songwriter collaborations happen the week of October 22nd, with the epic concerts occurring at the 3rd Avenue Playhouse on October 26 & 27. Thanks to Pat MacDonald and MJ for hosting this great event at the Holiday Music Motel!

Organic Sessions Video Released 

Thanks again to Trevor Banks for having us on the Organics Sessions. The band performed "Kickin" off the new album, you can see it below. Also, thanks to Andy from Bear Sound for doing sound and Mike Zirkel for mixing/mastering. 


Sam Performs at Steel Bridge Songfest 

Sam was one of 38 songwriters who collaborated and performed at the Steel Bridge Songfest in Sturgeon Bay, WI June 4-11,2017. The festival was founded by Emeritus Songwriter Pat MacDonald more than a decade ago and regularly host greats like Jackson Browne, Wally Ingram and Eric McFadden. The event sprouts four days of concerts throughout Sturgeon Bay (Door County), WI and raises funds to save historic structures like Sturgeon Bay's Steel Bridge.


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Previous events

Dark Songs

3rd Avenue Playhouse, 3rd Avenue, Sturgeon Bay, WI

Pat MacDonald and The Holiday Music Motel present the 10th Annual "DARK SONGS 2018". 30+ Artists collaborate on brand new songs all week and present their work Friday and Saturday night at the 3rd Avenue Playhouse in downtown Sturgeon Bay.

Sam Lyons Solo Acoustic

 —  —

World of Beer, Greenway, Middleton

Sam Lyons Band

Capital Brewery, Terrace Ave, Middleton, WI

Sam and band return to the beer garden!

LAUNDRY @ Wurst Times Fest

High Noon Saloon, E. Washington Ave, Madison

Laundry performs at Wurst Times Fest @ noon 3 stages w many bands! Proceeds from the event go to Madison Area Music Association (MAMA), the Madison Chapter of Guitars for Vets and the Wil-Mar Neighborhood Center.


Sam Lyons - solo acoustic

Buck n Honey's, Sun Prairie, WI